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Sunday, November 20, 2005

The Laughable Hypocrisy of Pro Abortion Democrats

Actually, truth be told, it is not the kind of laughable that is a happy laugh, but more of cynical chuckle, if there is even such a thing. Here you have a nominee for the Supreme Court, every president's right should openings occur on his watch, and never in the history of our Congress has there been such a ridiculous grilling such as there have been for Justices Bork, Thomas, Roberts and soon to come, Alito. This is especially appalling because the judges mentioned here are highly qualified, commanding bipartisan respect as well as have proven records of judicial prowress in judgment and restraint as opposed to activism (a Constitutional no-no that is actually in the Constitution, unlike abortion 'rights'). The Senate has gone so far past what their actual function in such a decision as to now act as if it is their decision who is appointed. In light of the bold fact that the Deomcrats held a majority of seats in the House when Justice Ginsberg was nominated and was overwhelmingly voted to the position she was nominated for, by President Clinton who had every right to do so, should make these Democrats ashamed of themselves for their behavior with the above mentioned judges as well as the ones they trashed such as Miguel Estrada, Janice Brown, and Priscilla Owen. The hostility of the questioning (yes, I watch C-Span) was horrific and was all because they held conservative positions, and had nothing to do with their judicial records; as they came highly recommended. I am not sure why the Republicans allowed so blatant a supporter of abortion such as Justice Ginsberg to be spared the line of questioning that the Democrats give to those with conservative positions, I can only hope that they collectively realized a few things: that the President had a right to nominate who he wanted; that if the nominee was highly judicially qualified they should be appointed; that the filibuster is a power play by any group of men or women to simply get their way as they cater to special interests groups who contribute greatly to their campaigns as well as mobilize people to support them for election and re-election; and that try to trap an especially highly qualified nominee into word games so that they make a mistake that can cost them the appointment is infantile. Unfortunately there are plenty of Americans who could care less about someone's qualifications if the person doesn't support abortion on demand at any time for any reason and if at all possible paid for with tax dollars, of which Planned Parenthood, the number one provider of abortions in the USA receives MILLIONS of taxpayer dollars to promote. It is indeed a great tragedy that people like myself are all fine and likeable up to and until I say that it is not a Constitutional right for a woman to abort their unborn child, though women who have not wanted to be pregnant for one reason or another through the centuries have done what they could to abort all along. Legal or legal, it is not right, it is wrong. I have read our Constitution and nowhere do I see that right at all, but then again, I didn't see a right to own a person either, as I searched the document for what justices used to support the right of white people to own black people, but more importantly, to say that black people weren't 'people' like white people!! This is the same stupid kind of decision, one that allows human beings with a certain belief to continue to do something terribly wrong under the protection of the law. Pro-choice is no choice for the unborn. Some choices are wrong.
In the meantime, as ultrasounds and continued scientific advancements clearly show the humanity of the offspring of our own human race, abortion promoters, including a large percentage of Congressional Democrats, have all but abandoned the rhetoric of a blob of tissue and products of conception arguments, instead focusing their attention and funds on women's 'rights'. Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony would turn over in their graves (if such a thing were possible) if they knew that abortion was considered an advancement of what they started oh so many years ago.
Now that it has been discovered in a document that Mr. Alito, oh shock!, has the opinion that the Constitution shows no right to abort the unborn, suddenly he is not qualified? How immature of these men and women, how hypocritical of them as well, and though I laugh and shake my head at them, it is not a laugh of joy, but a laugh of amazement that they actually think they have a right to prevent this man from being appointed to the high court?