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Friday, November 18, 2005

The Shame of an American People....

...and government officials as well.

The history of FEMA is quite interesting, if one is willing to look past making President Bush their scapegoat for all things wrong with all things government.

Unfortunately, in my opinion, the government responds in an idiotic politically pressured manner in giving away tax dollars with absolutely no conditions when disasters occur. So here we have people who have lived in trailers bought and paid for by the government (translation: all those who pay taxes) and eighteen months later have no place to go other than the trailers, which are temporary shelters, unless the tenants can afford to buy them.

The media frenzy continues to downplay the sheer mismangement as well as deep seated corruption in the government in the districts severely affected by Katrina, holding no one accountable on that level of officials, instead continuing the blame of one man.

What now? The trailer parks-brand spanking new trailers-are filled with people with nothing to do. Adults and teenagers alike need some purpose to drive them, to give them hope as well as a sense of well-being that comes from doing for yourself, not looking to the government to do for you. That is where I take issue with local, state, and federal officials in caring for those in need; nothing is required of them in return for the hand up, it instead becomes a hand out. Perhaps a reason why may be that if they dared ask something of those in need it would be played up politically saying that the President doesn't care for the poor.

In the meantime, what becomes of all this idleness? Crime. Always. And those who don't go the way of crime are trapped by it, and oftentimes also trapped by a way of life they have become familiar with and which offers no hope.

When FEMA sets up a meeting for people of the trailer parks to come together to take care of their community and only twenty-three people show up that gives one an idea of the level of involvment the people are interested in. Is that the President's fault as well?