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In order to combat my annoyance over the unwillingness of media outlets to tell the truth and avoid letting their bias rule, as well as to have an outlet for my very (at times) wordy self, this blog has been created by yours truly. This will be an accounting of events in the world, my country, and my little piece of the world as best as I can see it, hear it, and relay it.

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Becoming Learned

Having spent the last eleven years homeschooling my sons I have now found myself desiring to learn more, especially in history, American History, to be precise. While I am at it, why not psychology as well since I have an even greater interest in why people do the things they do, even chock full of information and facts, not to mention getting perfect scores on the stuff in quizzes and tests! It is absolutely fascinating.

In addition to that, I spent the first thirty years of my life doing all the wrong things, give or take the first twelve or thirteen before I started on a path of rebelling as a way to vent my frustration and anger at being ignored, not to mention lashing out instead of reaching out due to the deep need we all have of wanting to be loved and appreciated and treated such a way. In effect I wasted them, truly wasted them, and there is no getting them back.

I keep alive the memory of my great loss and to prevent future generations from being as moronic as I, I undertook to homeschool, to pray, to set an example of the right way, and to remember what it was like to be so frustrated and so alone. To this day I have this uncanny experience to feel that way in a room full of people, as well as to have a nagging feeling come over me time and again of feeling like I just don't fit. One day maybe I will understand what that was all about and I expect that I will just have to trust God in this life to know He knows what He is doing and it is okay as long as I continue to put it in His Hands as He has said I could.

I know some would think this post has little to do with education, but it has everything to do with education. 8-)