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In order to combat my annoyance over the unwillingness of media outlets to tell the truth and avoid letting their bias rule, as well as to have an outlet for my very (at times) wordy self, this blog has been created by yours truly. This will be an accounting of events in the world, my country, and my little piece of the world as best as I can see it, hear it, and relay it.

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Friday, May 11, 2007

Where Does the Time Go??

It has been almost exactly three months since I have posted here. This site is one of four places on the web that I am registered to actually blog on a regular basis. I haven't visited a one of them in the last three months. Technically, it is a couple weeks short of three months, but still, it has been a very long time.

I scan through some of the blogs that are here and I wonder how people find the time to blog and have a full time life! I don't even have a full time job, but cannot find the time to regularly post at any one of the places I am a member of here on the web.

Each time I realize that it has been a while since I have been here, I make these silly pronouncements that I will post a bit more regularly, and then I do it again, only for a lot longer.

But I am back and saying again that I am going to try and post again. We will see, right? ;-)

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Almost Paying the Ultimate

This appeared in a NJ newspaper:

Near-Fatal Abortion Reminds Us What's at Stake

In what can only be called an abortion horror story, a New Jersey woman is recovering in the hospital from a severely botched procedure that could have cost her life. Twenty-year-old Rasheedah Dinkins spent the last month in a coma after she visited the Metropolitan Medical Associates (MMA) in Englewood for an abortion that made her dangerously ill. En route to the hospital, medics say Rasheedah died, but they were able to resuscitate her in time for doctors to give her blood transfusions and surgically remove her uterus. Despite the MMA's claim that they have the "finest staff in New Jersey," Rasheedah is still in the hospital where she has suffered a stroke and other complications, including the collapse of both lungs. Not surprisingly, she now says she regrets her decision to have an abortion. After an investigation by state health officials, MMA has been temporarily closed because the facility "had poor infection control" and used unsterilized equipment that posed an "immediate and serious risk of harm to patients." These are serious charges for a clinic endorsed by the National Abortion Federation (NAF), an organization that claims its mission is to "ensure safe, legal, and accessible abortion care to promote health and justice for women." On the contrary, NAF continues to put women at risk by retaining the MMA on its list of trusted providers despite its blatant violations of "member protocol" in this near-fatal incident. Considering that MMA is one of the biggest abortion facilities in the nation, we can only shake our heads at the lack of regulation for clinics like this one that perform over 10,000 abortions a year. No matter what your views on abortion, we would all agree that there is no excuse for endangering women's lives over something as basic as clean medical instruments. If we don't tolerate filth in fast-food restaurants or veterinary clinics, how much more outraged should we be at this lethal negligence? When FRC contacted the clinic, an employee said they may resume operations as soon as next Thursday. We call on the conscience of state officials to ensure that the clinic never reopens and instead finds its license revoked.

Almost Checking Out

Are abortion supporters so fanatical and radical that it is abortion at all costs, the hell with the women?

Indeed it is. In a field that is constantly advancing technologically, there is no reason for abortion clinics to have less medical emergency procedures than the dentist in the office next to them. But again, indeed it is so.

It has always been like that in the abortion industry, but its critics are silenced effectively being that the media, who has sold out truth many, many years ago, stifles the word instead of getting the word out.

I am totally against abortion, 100%, but I care about those women and girls who make this horrifically wrong choice, and believe that there should be procedures and regulations in these places that also undergo inspections, just like any other medical care facility. Are women and teenage girls aware of this discrepancy that may one day cost them their lives, or come damn close to it such as Rasheedah has? And over something as simple as the cleanliness of the instruments that were used in her abortion?

And NJ (let’s give her a hand) has closed the facility temporarily pending an investigation. Ha-ha! Considering that the owner/operators of this facility are the biggest in the NATION, Metropolitan Medical Associates, are abortion supporters (the regular people, not those who profit financially from abortion) so blind and willing to stay blind when the lives of our sisters is at stake? NJ’s Department of Health didn’t close the place down for good, condemning it for substandard care regarding its instruments, but temporarily closed it pending an inspection. Further, those scheduled for abortions at this particular facility were being redirected to other places for abortions, one of these places run by the exact same people located in Hackensack.

Abortions in the United States of America remain the ONLY surgical procedure that is entirely unregulated and the only surgical procedure that can be performed on our minor daughters without parental consent. Indeed, the relative stranger known as the school nurse cannot administer an aspirin without my signature, but can direct my child for an invasive surgical procedure requiring anesthesia, without my knowledge or consent. Have we collectively lost our minds or at the least, our common sense? When it comes to the abortion issue, we sure have!

Rasheedah is only 20, but can never, ever have children. But she is thankful right now to still be alive.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Inconsistency... .

...is my middle name. It has been two weeks short of three months since I posted to this account. One might think that I simply didn't or don't have anything to say, but that is not so. I have thoughts running through my mind that I could write out making two or three entries a day. The problem is that I get so lazy to do that. Sometimes I log on and read other people's entries because reading is easier than writing; even though I love both.

In the meantime, my mom had a major bleed in her that leaked into the ventricle and possibly into the thalamus. The neurologist is not sure yet, but he should know for dwfinite from the last cat can that she was given. This has caused her to be in the hospital for almost two full weeks which will be followed by some acute care rehabilitation until she is as recovered as the doctors say she is. So far the hospital primary doctor was caring for her satisfactorily until today when he allowed a psych evaluation on my mom resulting in his allowing the psychiatrist to perscribe halidol to her!! I told him, NO, I don't want her to have that. I know she has depression issues, but I do believe that her not taking her zoloft combined with the frustration of having lost the ability to retain information or focus on any one thing for more than a brief second. Besides that, I do believe tha pill gave her this last horrific headache that did not go away all day long even with medications that she was given for the pain. I am about to call the floor she is on to make sure the nurse is aware not to give that pill to her. Idiots. I don't understand how a doctor can perscribe something like that when the patient is suffering from stroke induced amnesia!

I am glad to unload that burden here. :-)

Friday, November 03, 2006

Ramble On

I figured that since most of my posts consist of poorly constructed paragraphs I might as well pick the random category and give it the appropriate title of ramble. 8-)

Firstly, I cannot wait till the elections are over. I despise the negative campaigning and long to hear someone say something decent about someone else or at the very least if they are going to run for office to tell the voters what they themselves stand for on issues that are important to US ctizens. Instead, candidates are well aware that they aren't necessarily keeping that information from the public being as their voting records are available for anyone who takes the time to look into how the candidate votes on the issues. But how many really do such a thing, I wonder. I do as a matter of principle being unwilling to just pull a lever for a party line candidate.

Truly I desire to have the Republicans maintain control of the House and Senate. Even with the current state of Congress in Republican control, it has been a hard road for this administration due to the obstructionist tactics of the Democratic leadership and Democratic representatives. It will only get much worse if they come to power. So very many of their leadership are sold out to special interest groups and their agendas and care not a whit for our Constitution. Many Republicans as well, though they as a group have a platform that seeks to honor the Constitution as well as protect the lives of the most innocent among us; namely the unborn.

However, I do not fear it or despair of it because I believe with every fiber of my being that God is in control of it all. It doesn't matter that I cannot explain how it can be that He is and things seem so out of control, but there it is, I simply do. This doesn't mean, of course, that it won't bother me if things go the wrong way for pro-life, less government control, more tax breaks, etc., people like myself, because it will. It simply means that I will continue on fighting for the innocent unborn, writing, calling, and supporting pro-life and family legislation, as well as refusing to trash anyone I disagree with. I have such disdain for the lack of respect that the Democrats show for the President that even after all these years I still cannof believe that they not only continue to do it, but seem to feel justified in doing so! Our media is at the forefront of this disrespect and has shed any pretext of not being biased such that they are blatantly in-your-face and simply don't care.

There is so much that the media leaves out from their reporting that they are truly obligated to report and don't because it might just make people think less of a Democrat, period. For instance, back when I was a voting Democrat, I sincerely believed that they were as 'poor' as I was and fought for my 'kind', but come to find out that many of these reps have as much money or more than the Republicans they continually criticize as being rich and for the rich. Shame on us if we take that on the face of it and believe it. The truth is that the Democrats use that to continue to pull in the votes of minorities and those who profit from the social programs in place today. Never mind that they in no way identify with the lower and middle class population of the nation.

The Democrats would have more credibility with me if they were more human. By that I mean they are continually acting as if they are above reproach on anything and constantly being outraged and appalled at any and all the shameful behavior of some of the Republicans over these last few years. The big problem with acting like that is you are definitely destined for a fall; it is a human inevitability. They hold an advantage there, however, in that the media is sold out to covering for them in every possible way. Therefore, unless one is an actual truth seeker, you will read or listen to the media Democratic puppetry, believe it, and repeat it to yourself as well as to those who hate our president along with the media and yourself; continually feeding off of it. It is almost like situations in families where members aren't speaking one to another. The resentment is there, the negative talk, the annoyance with the person(s), but you would be hard pressed to even know what the situation was that caused the rift in the first place.

Hate has no place in a society such as the one that America by the original intent of her founders desired. Greed, covetousness, selfishness, pride, these were human traits they were well aware of, indeed many of them owning slaves in direct violation of the very Constitution they themselves wrote up! It has always blown my mind, and probably always will, that grown men looking at another human being like themselves save for the color of their skin, could convince themselves that the other was inferior to themselves! Native American, African American, Chinese, Irish, exploited by so many arrogant and ignorant people; but not all, not all at all! Those who made up the 'not all' are the reason America became great in spite of herself. I I refuse to embrace the teachings of my youthful schooling to disdain my own country and trash my own President. I will admit to her wrongs and will be proud of her rights.

It makes no sense to be motivated by hate. What possible good can be accomplished when you are motivated by something so negative and destructive as hate? Isn't hate what brought the suicide terrorists to NYC? Can American citizens be so deluded as to believe that somehow we 'asked' for that to happen, or that our President made that happen deliberately? Believe in such ideas is as ignorant as one can get, in my opinion. How hypocritical to accuse the President of being a hateful terrorist himself and then hate him yourself? It would be funny if it wasn't so scary because it is so true! That is exactly what is going on in the USA today. Watch Senator Kennedy or Senator Schumer when they speak about our President. There is no respect, none. Worse, you can clearly see they hate the man! And the insults and the judgmental attitudes they have as if they live such exemplary lives and have erred not a whit in their entire political careers!

Clearly so much of politics seems like such dirty business, but there are quite a few actual statesmen and women in Washington today. They continue to stand for the right, for the Constitution, for the truth, for the innocent unborn, for people like me. And there are plenty of youth coming on up as well who will, in a few short years, hold places of influence and political power, who will help to bring about righteousness to our government where it is oh so desperately needed.

Ramble over. 8-)

Monday, October 30, 2006

Be Kind


I was shocked, confused, bewildered
as I entered Heaven's door,
Not by the beauty of it all,
by the lights or its decor.

But it was the folks in Heaven
who made me sputter and gasp--
the thieves, the liars, the sinners,
the alcoholics, the trash.

There stood the kid from seventh grade
who swiped my lunch money twice.
Next to him was my old neighbor
who never said anything nice.

Herb, who I always thought
was rotting away in hell,
was sitting pretty on cloud nine,
looking incredibly well.

I nudged Jesus, "What's the deal?
I would love to hear Your take.
How'd all these sinners get up here?
God must've made a mistake.

And why's everyone so quiet,
so somber? Give me a clue."
"Hush, child," said He. "They're all in shock.
No one thought they'd see you."

Judge Not...

~Be kind. We're all in this together.~

Someone posted this on one of the boards that I frequent. I thought I would share it.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Upcoming Elections

Dear Editor,
With the elections coming up on November 2, there are some things that come to my mind regarding the rhetoric that is found in abundance on news stations large and small. The issue in my mind mostly is that though I am disappointed in the continued wasteful spending in Congress by those I helped vote into office to bring under some control, the thought of Congress being controlled by a party that fuels itself on hatred and disrespect for the current Administration is a scary one. Quite frankly it seems to me that they call for their party supporters to vote for them based on the very fact of this attitude. The Democratic members of Congress have continually cried foul at any hint of the Republicans pushing an ideology and have thwarted the attempts of any and all legislation that would put forth those ideals. They have also have denied the President’s right to make judicial appointments; refusing to show up for meetings as well as continuing to allow these nominees to languish in committee until the time to vote has passed. The reasons for this unethical behavior revolve around the very thing the Democrats cry foul over: an ideology; the only difference is it is the one they support!

Then there is the stem cell issue. I personally don’t support scientists experimenting with embryos, regardless of what stage they are at of human development. They remain just that: human, and therefore it should be morally wrong to do such ‘research’. Not only that, but with the research that has been done thus far on the stem cell lines that were available for such research, there has been no progress to speak of. Unless you call being unable to stop the cells from producing tumors research. Yet we hear nothing of the amazing strides that adult stem cell research has made for treating a myriad of illnesses, including the Parkinson’s that Michael J. Fox suffers from. But if you put that aside, I would still be against it because it calls for using taxpayer dollars. I wonder if my fellow citizens are listening to what it all means. If it is research the scientific community wants, let them spend their own money! The pharmaceutical industry is a multi-million dollar one that can certainly afford to do research of any kind. Let them get behind research funding. I also ask myself why these Hollywood stars are calling for my tax dollars to support immoral research and neither they nor the media are paying any attention to what adult stem cell research has already accomplished! In any case, if all the stars who support embryonic stem cell research each donated one of their many millions to research of any kind, we wouldn’t need to be asking taxpayers to fund such things.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


With all the media hype about the upcoming elections it is clear to me that there is one thing lacking that has increased in its appearance in each passing year that President Bush is in office. From denying the President's appointments to the federal bench (based on idealolgy, not the record) to picking up on any and all news stories to twist them in such a way as to make it the responsibility of the President (as in he failed in some way to do something) to the outright calling the President disrespectful names, respect, in the common courtesy way as well as because he is our President, is simply not there.

I do believe that those Democrats who are in the forefront of trying to loudly pin any and all scandals, missteps and other news issues as the President's Administration's total responsibility, will have all the same come down on their own heads one day. It is inevitable that where you give no charity, you can be sure that when you need it most, it is not going to come your way. And when it comes to such a job as the Presidency where you rely so much on people working together, the Democrats clearly have thrown a wrench into as much as they possibly could and more during all these years that President Bush has been in office, rather than come along side of him, his administration, and their fellow members of Congress.

Our country is fraught with problems of its own, but one problem we did not breed is that of outside (or inside) terrorism, of which we are the biggest target. Clearly there is a lot not being covered in the media, much not being addressed by the Democratic leadership, and things that are ignored in almost every issue in the news today. It is incumbent on we the citizens to get to the bottom of what we read and hear and not to parrot others even if we don't like who they don't like. There is no way our country can truly be successful when we citizens behave in such a way.

The Democrat's platform has no plan to back up the change they say America needs, just ask them or look for it on one of the leader's websites. You won't find it. What you will find is a party sold out to the abortion lobby and many anti-Bush organizations, And we the citizens seem so impatient with the changes that our President has begun in our country, including going into Iraq, that we don't want to give things the time they need to actually work.

We will pay for our impatience and disrespect. My hope is that we change our tune before the enemy gets by us again and takes more innocent lives.