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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Almost Checking Out

Are abortion supporters so fanatical and radical that it is abortion at all costs, the hell with the women?

Indeed it is. In a field that is constantly advancing technologically, there is no reason for abortion clinics to have less medical emergency procedures than the dentist in the office next to them. But again, indeed it is so.

It has always been like that in the abortion industry, but its critics are silenced effectively being that the media, who has sold out truth many, many years ago, stifles the word instead of getting the word out.

I am totally against abortion, 100%, but I care about those women and girls who make this horrifically wrong choice, and believe that there should be procedures and regulations in these places that also undergo inspections, just like any other medical care facility. Are women and teenage girls aware of this discrepancy that may one day cost them their lives, or come damn close to it such as Rasheedah has? And over something as simple as the cleanliness of the instruments that were used in her abortion?

And NJ (let’s give her a hand) has closed the facility temporarily pending an investigation. Ha-ha! Considering that the owner/operators of this facility are the biggest in the NATION, Metropolitan Medical Associates, are abortion supporters (the regular people, not those who profit financially from abortion) so blind and willing to stay blind when the lives of our sisters is at stake? NJ’s Department of Health didn’t close the place down for good, condemning it for substandard care regarding its instruments, but temporarily closed it pending an inspection. Further, those scheduled for abortions at this particular facility were being redirected to other places for abortions, one of these places run by the exact same people located in Hackensack.

Abortions in the United States of America remain the ONLY surgical procedure that is entirely unregulated and the only surgical procedure that can be performed on our minor daughters without parental consent. Indeed, the relative stranger known as the school nurse cannot administer an aspirin without my signature, but can direct my child for an invasive surgical procedure requiring anesthesia, without my knowledge or consent. Have we collectively lost our minds or at the least, our common sense? When it comes to the abortion issue, we sure have!

Rasheedah is only 20, but can never, ever have children. But she is thankful right now to still be alive.