Eyes to See/Ears to Hear

In order to combat my annoyance over the unwillingness of media outlets to tell the truth and avoid letting their bias rule, as well as to have an outlet for my very (at times) wordy self, this blog has been created by yours truly. This will be an accounting of events in the world, my country, and my little piece of the world as best as I can see it, hear it, and relay it.

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Saturday, July 01, 2006


It is July 1st! July 1st! That means that I haven't posted here since June 6th; 24 days!

The thing is that I have a lot to say, and often! Why I chose to not post is anyone's guess. Even so, here I am, posting, as well as trying not to think about the fact that I pay for this site and have a really, really lot to say that isn't getting said; at least not here!


On the flip side though, starting Monday, July 10h, I will be returning to volunteer work at Gateway Pregnancy Center. www.gateway.org