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In order to combat my annoyance over the unwillingness of media outlets to tell the truth and avoid letting their bias rule, as well as to have an outlet for my very (at times) wordy self, this blog has been created by yours truly. This will be an accounting of events in the world, my country, and my little piece of the world as best as I can see it, hear it, and relay it.

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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Add-On To Last Post...

I wanted to include something in that post regarding the lives lost in the war in VietNam and the lives lost after we came home; the slaughter of the Cambodians: the sacrifice of our boys and men, as I said, thousands, and the lives of the Cambodians, as I said, millions: to me, that is the part that messes with my mind. If the Congress would have allowed the military to fight a war as they are trained to do as opposed to running a war based on politics and who influences who and who is answering to who else, politically speaking, that is, the war would have been won and in the end, lives saved, as crazy as that sounds. But it is sound thinking when you are thinking in terms of war, unfortunately. You don't treat the lives lost lightly, but with grave and great honor, but you certainly don't keep sending thousands and thousands of young men into an unknown jungle to be slaughtered when you have other means to win a war. That is how wars go.

We will end up with no allies, and the terrorists of our generation hope for that; they love an administration such as the Clinton Administration, in which his libido was of more concern than the running of this country. Indeed, he took terrorism so lightly that Arafat was the most frequent visitor to the White House during his administration! It boggles the mind, it really does. But, that is not what I wanted to get into. The terrorists, however, hate the Bush Administration, and it saddens me that many Americans do too; forgetting the attacks on the USA, via the Cole, the Embassy's in Africa(?), and the bombing in Beruit. There was no retaliation. It was almost like it was a joke. But I daresay the military is aware of the awful and severe threat that terrorists are to our nation and our way of life. We love our way of life, but we don't want to defend it when it is attacked?