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Friday, November 04, 2005

Approval Ratings

I Just wanted to speak out on this 'approvals ratings' thing that the AP-Ipsos poll speaks about. Unfortunately to be a President, or to even run for president, is probably ninety percent sucking up to 'important' people, being very politicly minded, and spending a lot of time trying to appease this one or that, most definitely in your own party first! And in this day and age where the elephant in the room of every judgment call on all politicians is whether you agree or not agree with abortion, you can be sure that our president started out at a deficit in opinion polls; yes, even in his own party. We must remember that Republicans too, are pro-abortion. Take a look at Mr. Doug Forrester in New Jersey, Christie Whitman, Thomas Kean, Michael Bloomberg, Rudy Guiliani, and countless outer well-knowns.

The people spoke out loud and clear in the election and he won fair and square (both times-sour grapes to Democrats) and those who voted for him are now speaking out that they don't approve of his job performance. Why? I wonder. Did he not give someone something they were hoping for? Not pick another for something they felt was deserved? There is always a political reason for disapproval, in my not humble opinion.

If we were to be fair-minded people, of any party and of any belief system, we would first realize that very few of us even know what is entailed in being a president of much of anything, let alone a nation such as ours. Yet we write editiorials, we take polls asking weighted questions on things we have no experience concerning, we spout off and go on and on speaking of so much that we do not know, and more often than not, we simply don't like the person just because they are against abortion, and we hate, and we insult, demean, degrade and speak ill of the person in the office of the head of our nation. It seems rather immature, some of the ways that grown and professional people act, whether they are right about something or not.

The thing about the media today is that it is well known that they have the backs of the Democrats, big time, and for that very same elephant in the room reason, aboriton, so all they do is feed the already frenzied Bush-hating people. I ask you, how in the world does that do our country and its people any justice? There is probably plenty good about the administration and their efforts, even if some of them are well-intentioned as the whacked out budget is, but that to point out the good, to work together on the bad, and strenthen our nation is not what the Democratic Party, as a whole, as well as our media, are about. It is the tearing down, the politicly motivated arrests, the stirring of the pot of dissatisfaction among citizens of our nation, that gives them their good feeling; good feeling being something that they seem to believe they are the only definers of should they play up a human interest story.

That is why I think very little of approval ratings polls. Shame on so many who disapprove of the job the President is doing because their disapproval is politicly motivated by their party loyalty, and shame on so many others who disapprove because they just don't like him and see the poll call as a way to say so without saying so; when for the most part they haven't a clue as to how what is entailed in being the president, let alone any ideas of how to do better whatever it is they disapprove of.