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Friday, December 17, 2004

Precedent Setting Election of 2004-What Did the People REALLY Say WIth Their Vote?

Some very cool facts about the recent General election along with some record making statistics.

-Our President George W. Bush is the first incumbent president since 1936 to help his party gain seats in both the House and the Senate.

-He is the first presidential candidate since 1988, (the year of my youngest son's birth, God bless his any day now soon to be sixteen-year-old heart) to receive more than 50 percent of the total vote!

-The President picked up more votes from Hispanics, (yea for my husband) seniors (yeah for my mom and her friends), African Americans (you go James!) and women (gotta love 'em) than he did in the election of 2000.

For all the money spent on hate-books, (see the Bush-bashers handbook on display at my local Barnes and Noble next to Al Franken's book of lies, named ironically, Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them);

For all the money spent by Mr. George Soros-billionaire extrodinaire who pumped millions into the campaign to beat Bush by running a tank through the loophole left in the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform bill;

For all the money raised by MoveOn an anti-President Bush organization who claimed no ties to the Democratic party during the campaign time, but now claims to own the Democratic Party;

For all the media blitzing MTV, rock stars, rap stars and hollywood stars put on, money they put out and advice they gave to voters;

For all that this election set the above records.

Let the records speak for themselves that the American people want a return to a government and a nation such as the President spoke of. It was not just about terrorism, though taking the war to the Middle East which, along with a lot of Europe is a breeding ground for terrorists, was a smart move, this election was as much about the American people being tired of playing fast and loose with God's moral laws.

It is no mistake that the Ten Commandments has a prominent place in our United States Supreme Court, indeed looking down on the Justices. The reason for that as well as the intent of the Framer's of our constituion was to guide our nation morally.

The freedom to worship God in ones own way was a desire of the early Americans, and living accorinding to God's law (not man's) as set forth in the Bible was the guiding and overridding desire of this nation's founders.

The truth is that what drove many people to the polls this election was the marriage issue, with an amendment being on the ballot in eleven states! Did you know that in all but one of those states that the amendments themselves received a greater percentage of the total vote than President Bush?! Not only that, but seventeen states have approved marriage amendments; seventeen, while there have been zero states in which voters have rejected marriage amendments.

It is clear what the people want. What is becoming even more clear is that activist judges continue to thwart the will of the people when, after various groups (think ACLU and other activist groups) bring lawsuits against these amendments, the judges step into the picture and strike down the law that the people have passed, saying it is unconstitutional. What is quite obvious is the strategy of pro-homosexual and anti-Christian groups is to do judicially (in court) what they cannot do legislatively; which is a clear violation of our Constitution.