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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The Real Election Results

Let us face it. President Bush won this election, handily. If we listen to Big Media it is hardly in the bag at all. Anyone honest with themselves has to admit that if John Kerry had was in possession of the number of votes such as George Bush has in Ohio, New Mexico and Iowa, that there would be no questions asked; at least none that the Big Media would let see the light of print or sound of the airwaves.
It is time for the John Kerry campaign to concede.

Some interesting firsts and other facts about this election:

- At the point of 96 percent of the nations precincts reporting, President Bush had more than 57 million votes, which is more, by the way, than any candidate in electoral history.

- President Bush received 51 percent of the vote, giving him the distinction of beign the first president in 12 years to be election by the majority of voters.

- It is also the largest popular vote margin of victory since his father won with 54%, Ronald Reagan won with 51 percent in 1980, and Bill Clinton, in what was called a 'landslide' victory in 1996 won with 49 percent.

- President Bush, in 2000, became oe of only four presidents to be elected despite losing the popular vote count. The last one was Benjamin Harrison's victory in 1888.

There are many firsts, and to me one of the worst firsts is the level of hatred for our President that is shown be the nation's own citizens, most especially its young people.

Many people may not realize this truth, but never before in the history of our country has the Congress not allowed the President to appoint judges as the Senate has done these last four years with their ridiculous filitbustering of the nominees. What many people may not understand, or care to, is that the Senate had no right to disallow a vote on the President's nominees, nor to trash them as they did.

All in all, President Bush is the man for the job of leading the nation and we, along with Congress, need to draw together as a nation and do what needs to be done, undo what needs to be undone, and work together, rather than against one another. The Democrats have been guilty of refusing to do this and it needs to stop.

EDIT: 11:45am
I just heard that John Kerry, against the advice of Edwards, has conceded.


Huzzah for President Bush!!