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Thursday, October 21, 2004

How Hate Motivates

Whatever would possess a 74 year-old billionaire to donate millions of dollars to an organization (MoveOn.org) designed to defeat President Bush?

Why would a movie actress, who is a staunch women's rights supporter, show up at a rally to defeat President Bush, wear a shirt saying that President Bush's mother should have aborted him?

For what reason would popular musicians such as Bruce Springsteen put on concerts to raise money to defeat President Bush?

The first one, George Soros is a financer with an estimated worth of $7, some of it made while wrecking the economies of other nations, most notably Malaysia and Thailand, and has questionable business practices in other areas (see his conviction by a French court for insider trading). He has compared President Bush to Hitler via a web ad, but what is the comparison? President Bush is an obvious exact opposite of Adolph Hitler. He desires to see President Bush defeated, but can give no valid reason for why, nor can he give any valid reason how John Kerry can be a better president than our President Bush. Unless of course you begin to speak about things immoral.

How about Cybill Shepard? Women and other abortion supporters rarely focus on the humanity of what women abort, yet she shows up at a rally wearing a shirt that clearly identifies President Bush as an actual human being in his mother's womb, who of course, in her opinion, should have been aborted. Why? Does she give a reason why she wants to see President Bush defeated and John Kerry as our president? No, no unless you are talking about the right to abort people that she does not like.

And finally, Bruce, who I cannot believe is throwing his support behind a candidate who cannot get his story straight on where he stands on some of the most important issues this country faces. Bruce, whose influence will be throughout the youth community, as he uses his performing platform to call for change; change he doesn't identify past defeating President Bush and electing John Kerry of course.

What all these people are motivated by is hate, or if some find that word a little to hard to swallow when applied to someone like Bruce Springsteen, then how about disdain? It sounds a little less harsh than 'hate' but by definition, it is actually worse.

Not one of those people are concerned with where John Kerry would lead this country, they are concerned only with defeating President Bush, and for no good reason save their disdain for the man.