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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Southeast Asia and Their Quake and Tsunami Afternath Troubles

As if it wasn't bad enough with the stench of decomposing bodies all around them, the loss of their homes, livelihood, children and spouses, and no food or shelter of their own, the people in Southeast Asia, most notably Indonesia and Sri Lanka are experiencing the loss of their children who survived to sex trafficking.
The exploitation of dazed and traumatized children is reprehensible! Mothers in Sri Lanka who lost most or all of their children and survived themselves are dealing with terrible guilt and the added nightmare of having previously had surgical procedures to prevent further children. (thank you PP and UN) In countries like these, so underdeveloped, especially by US and Europe's standards, it is amazing what the United Nations (and Planned Parenthood) considers aid to the Third World countries of the world to be; sticking their noses into the sexual lives of the women of said countries. Indeed the UN, via the United Nations Population Fund is there right now, in the midst of all these, giving out their version of care packages which include condoms and portable abortion devices!
With one-third of the lives lost being children, and women crying over the loss of their babies to the quake and tsunamis, and then the kidnapping of numbers of surviving children by the dregs of humanity; With the combined needs of food, shelter, trauma and grief counseling, and protection for the children, the UN considers the aid to the people of this region to be their population control kit?? DIsgusting is what it is! This they do while pointing the finger of criticism at the aid pledges of other countries for the victims of this mega disaster! If ever an organization needed dismanlting, it is this one.