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Monday, August 15, 2005

A Vigil That Dishonors

A war protestor who lost a son in Iraq says she will not be satisfied till she can meet with President Bush, for??? She and other parents who lost their loved ones in this very important war on terror and terrorists (the mideast is the hotbed of all such activities) already met with the President but that wasn't enough. Indeed no! For soon after, she received information (credible I am sure) of some faulty intelligence and the like. I guess she did all things pefectly in her life and more than likely is able to run the country and deal with the fallout from 9/11 in a much better way than anyone in the White House or on staff there today. :(

The trouble is that bringing the troops home will do what bringing the troops home has done far too often in years gone by: It will cause many, many innocent people to be tortured and brutalized by the evil that will overrun them when the allies do leave. Just as they were in Iraq after the liberation of Kuwait and as happened in VietNam when we, losing too many, many unnecessary lives because of idiot politicians and the politics of various self-serving leaders caused us to not be able to fight the war as we should have in order to fulfill our obligation to our South Vietnamese allies to keep communism frrom overcoming and brutalizing them.

The thing is that she will never be satisfied, because nothing she can do will bring him back. That is the heartbreaker of the entire situation. Just to listen to what she chooses to say indicates that she has no respect for the President, at least no more than the major newspapers gleefully grabbing onto her story have. Why should the president meet with someone who just wants to blast him? Who knows? Maybe someone will make a movie out of it and buy the rights from her to do so. So we can have another "America is crap" movie to tear down the morale of those who serve in the military in our nation.

I don't have all the answers any more than anyone else does, but it seems to me that when those serving in Iraq, allies and American troops, see the news, especially our media who aren't interested in reporting a blip of good coming out of Iraq due to our presence and sacrifice there, they are bound to be dragged down, saddened, depressed and get the wrong picture of what many of the nation does feel: that what they are doing in Iraq is noble, no, not perfect, but noble. The Iraqi people, especially the women, want the freedom that we have, need the freedom that we have, and deserve the freedom that we have. We are there, let's do it!

It seems to me that there is no other nation quite like ours and I wouldn't ever want to take away our right to speak our mind just like this mom is doing. However, I do feel that though such things are our right to express, we don't always have to express them, especially when it could cause someone else to stumble and fall and lose heart.

Sorry mom, but anger won't win the day. Pointing the finger won't win the day. Pulling the troops out and continuing to live for ourselves as if 9/11 never happened or as if we deserved it for being such a scum and lowlife country (I am being sarcastic) will not win the day. What will win the day is pulling together and supporting our president, our troops, our country and stopping feeling as if we have to apologize for ourselves all the time.

My heart breaks for her loss, but this is the wrong outlet. Sacrificing her marriage also dishonors the memory of her son. It would have broken his heart to see what has happened to his mom and dad after his untimely departure from this earth. There is a better way and it is so sad that it is not the way that has been chosen.