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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Breaking the Filibuster? NOT!

What happened here with this zero-hour agreement certainly has good and bad points, but the core of the entire issue remains that all of the nominees deserve a vote that they are not getting; which is the reason for the Democrats use of the filibuster, to deny these candidates said vote, which was a reason for the proposed showdown.

I am not at all interested in high drama in Congress, much preferring that they would behave in an exemplary manner instead of displaying the bratty behavior one sometimes sees on a school playground. Infantile, immature, and worse, it makes a mockery of the standards set forth in our Constitution. Thank God that the Founders were able to put away much of their selves in setting the guidelines for a, once unique, nation such as ours. I am sure they, being human, were possessed of the same capacity for the shameful, arrogant and petty behavior exhibited by the likes of Senator Reid.

However, this was a sellout by the Republicans and voters will remember this. T

For the Democrats to agree to 'break' their hold on this situation with President Bush's nominees, they had to have some smug assurance regarding the allowing of any conservative judge being in any position that would make them likely to be appointed to the Supreme Court; which is, of course, the fear of the powerful anti-choice, pro-abortion, anti-God, intolerant, and biased lobby groups that the Democrats (and many Republicans as well) are beholden to.

This is the right of the President, however, a right that the Republicans allowed to be stripped from the President by making this 'deal'. All along it was obvious that the reason for the filibuster by the Democrats is and was their personal opposition to the views of said nominees. It had nothing to do with any questions about the careers of these candidates whatsoever. Fortunately too, for the Democrats, they had Big Media on their side as well. Had the shoe been on the other foot and the Republicans were threatening to shut down the Senate, the uproar would have been defeaning!!

Voters should remember that for so many of our Congresspeople and Senators, that is the bottom line; not what we the people want, or what is good for our nation, but rather it is the agenda of those who keep the money flowing and themselves in power. Power and money are very desirable to many of the folks in our Congress. And as Gandalf the Grey states in Lord of the Rings as he describes to Frodo the singleminded lust that consumes the evil Sauron: "He is seeking it, seeking it, and all his thought is bent on it."

That is why I don't trust 'deals' such as this one. The ability of career politicians to put a spin on all that they say in order to make themselves look like an ardent supporter of the will of the people, is a curse, because it twists their thinking so that they actually believe their own lies. The nation, of course, are the ones to suffer.

The Democrats in leadership positions have clearly made known that they are terribly biased against anyone who holds differing views then themselves and do not think such people worthy of appointments such as these, nor do they have respect for such people and it seems that they are unwilling to even work with them!

For me the bottom line is to keep on keeping on and always remember that God still reigns. Heaven IS His throne and the Earth IS His footstool. So I don't have to worry.