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Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Filibuster

I would venture to guess that there are not too many newspaper reading Americans who know what exactly the filibuster is, or most especially the Democrats unconstitutional use of it to prevent excellent judges from sitting on the federal bench.

For one thing, appointing judges is the constitutional right of the sitting president, whether he is Bill Clinton or George Bush. Constititionally speaking, the Senate is merely suppose to 'advise and consent' and move the nominees to the Senate floor for a full up and down vote.

Not for nothing, but these judges are excellent judges with records to prove their consistent upholding of the Constitution as well as great bipartisan support. What the Democrats do not like is that they are 'conservative' in their personal views. Never mind that they are known for upholding the law and our constitution, this conservative lean has rendered them 'unfit' for a judgeship; though their records render them extremely well-qualified.

The filibuster is and was not intended to be used so that a couple of Democrats who are beholden to abortion rights groups can have their way. A commercial depicting a scene from 'Mr. Smith Goes to Washington' erroneously tries to make a relation between the sneaky and underhanded behavior of Senate Committe Democrats and a legislative filibuster that Mr. Smith for a reason having to do with doing the 'right' thing; something the Democrats refuse to do in this situation. Instead they deliberately mislead the people and the media helps them in this deception by not reporting the truth regarding what is going on in Washington.

Today, hopefully, despite the infantile behavior of Senate Democrats, the rules will be changed regarding the appointing of President Bush's nominees, in that a majority vote will confirm them. This will in no way change the legislative filibuster, should one ever be necessary, and has nothing to do with this unconstitutional judicial filibuster.