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Friday, March 25, 2005

Terri Again

With all the appeals and rejections, what our court system is telling Terri's family is that sparing her life is not at issue as much as taking her life is; especially this latest rejected appeal that scorned another branch of the federal government, notably Congress, who stepped in to stop the court-ordered starvation of Terri.

Even though her parents have provided claims valid enough to spare Terri's life (and have for many years compiled quite a list) while her care, rather, lack of care and other suspicious circumstances surrounding this entire situation be examined, another court has said, and swiftly, no, by a vote of 12-2.

Here are some of the words uttered by Judge Charles Wilson, who dissented, noting that the court's denial, quote:

"frustrates Congress's intent. . . . The entire purpose for the statute was to give the federal courts an opportunity to consider the merits of Plaintiffs' constitutional claims with a fresh set of eyes. Denial of Plaintiffs' petition cuts sharply against that intent, which is evident to me from the language of the statute, as well as the swift and unprecedented manner of its enactment".

Terri's rights have been violated repeatedly by a court (specifically one judge for the most part) which sought to fulfill the desires of Michael Schiavo while ignoring the right-to-life guaranteed to Terri by the US Constitution.

On the news last night a Michael Schiavo supporter claimed that even Michael mourned the imminent death of his wife, stating, quote: "after all, he is about to become a widower"; this said with a straight face. Yes, I am sure Michael will be torn up as he seeks comfort in the arms of the mother of his two children with whom he has been living with now for years. Just that situation alone should be cause for a conflict of interest to any just judge who looks at Michael's claims as being after what is 'best for Terri' while he is involved with another woman, but it never has been.

This is truly a travesty of justice.