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Thursday, February 24, 2005

The Games Continue

is his right, and the right of every president before him, President Bush has the privilege of nominating judges to the bench. I do believe that the President concerns himself with the appeals courts, district courts and circuit courts mostly, though I am not 100% sure about that.

What I am 100% sure of is how wrong it is for the now Democratic House Leader, Senator Reid, to pick up where the ousted Senator Daschle left off in preventing the President's nominees from being voted on by the Senate. Being that Mr. Daschle was booted out by the voters in his state by a relatively unknown, not to mention that is the first time in decades such a thing has happened, spoke volumes for how sick the majority of the voters are with the games played by the Democrats.

The Democrats (almost all of them) play this game in order to do one thing and one thing only: keep abortion the money making machine that it is for abortion providers and those others who have their hands in that deep pocket, chugging along.

I think that many women are hoodwinked into thinking this is about them and their rights, but the truth is that it has never been. A quick trip to the library to do a little research on the history of abortion in America as well as the organization known as Planned Parenthood will reveal the truth; if anyone is interested in the truth that is.

However, Senator Reid has sold out to abortion big guns just as Mr. Daschle did, going as far as to play silly little word games when he says to the American people that these nominees which the President is renominating have already been 'turned down' . This is simply not true. All these fine and exemplary nominees were never afforded a vote; ever, due to the obstructionist actions of Mr. Daschle; actions Mr. Reid has now chosen to mimic.

These judges fully intend to uphold the law, and their records show that they have done so in the past, but their personal view on abortion just does not sit right with Mr. Reid and his pals. The funny thing is that Senator Reid calls these judicial nominees, extremists, yet goes to extreme lengths in order to force his prejudice on others!

This must be stopped, and I do believe it will be. In the meantime though, Senator Reid and those who snarl with him, surely cannot be taken seriously. When I hear speeches by any of his obstructionist buddies, especially if it is on what is 'fair' and 'right' and all that sort of thing, I have to laugh, though it isn't all that funny.