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Friday, February 04, 2005

Iraqi Elections

The Iraqi elections were a big step in the direction of two things; at least to me.
1. It brings them closer to self-rule, and 2. It brings our troops closer to coming home.
The Iraqi people need a strong military presence of their own. They do not have this. They need this before their allies can go home. If we withdraw according to Ted Kennedy's rants, they will fall into more of the same terror they have been released from.
As I read about Iraq via the weblogs of their own citizens, it seems to me that they struggle with the American troops there, while understanding the necessity of their presence. Many Americans gave the ultimate sacrifice for the future free nation of Iraq and this should be understood by the average Iraqi citizen. Sometimes when I read comments from those in Iraq who detest the US troops I wish we had never gone there. Too often Iraqi citizens make comments that they had such a wonderful life before the US came in and brought terror with them. Indeed.
Then there are the Iraqi citizens who appreciate the US and what she has done. Who look to our way of life and want some of the same. To be able to live and raise their families, follow their faith, live their lives, without fear of death or fear of losing all that they have worked so hard for; lost at the whim of a crazed dictator and his minions.
The elections were a step in the direction of such a way of life. There is so much to be done still, especially to the infrastructure of Iraq , throughout the entire nation, as well as the necessity of the various factions coming together united under a common purpose: a free Iraq. The turnout of Iraqi citizens for the vote last Sunday shut up many of her critics, and in less than five days the news, as historic as it was, has dropped completely from the top news page on most of the major newsstations websites. This speaks louder than any words can ever speak.