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Friday, February 11, 2005

Opinion and Approval Polls

I read with interest the news this morning of a poll conducted by a group known as Ipsos-Public Affairs done for the Associated Press and taken after the President's State of the Union address, that shows his approval rating slipping considerably.
As I read further on in the AP's article I had to laugh at some of the comments of various people to the questions that the AP asked regarding the President and his job performance as well as their opinion of the whole administration. One woman said that she disapproves of the entire 'package' of the administration and goes on to say that thankfully in four more years we will be done with him.
Generally speaking, the President and his Administration are not supposed to be the pill for what ails everyone, are they? Nor would a poll necessarily be indicative of whether or not the current adminsistration is making gains even as they are making mistakes, no?
When I hear comments such as the woman I mentioned made, who happens to be a Democrat of course, I realize how important it is for me to not blindly follow a party line, but to instead look for the pluses and minuses in all public servants. Her dismissal of 'all' of what the administration is doing shows her blind her bias really is. Even some of the worst administrations can boast one or two pluses in their favor. I am sure her solution is a Democratic Administration and all the 'ills' of the current one can begin to be cured. Politicians becoming statepersons rather than continuing on the power crazed, money grubbing path that most of them are currently on, would be somewhat closer to a true solution.
I don't believe it is a party, but rather the characters of the party's members that should matter to voters. At least that is what matters to this voter. 8-)