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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Media Deception

Today the AP gives front page status to a headline stating that former NY Governor Mario Cuomo is cautioning the Republicans against changing the filibuster rules. The news item continues to share with its readers the wisdom that Mr. Cuomo puts forth in the weekly Democratic Party's radio address; the likes of which seem to be geared for nothing short of scaring people into thinking that the Republicans are trying to destroy the Senate, its traditions, and in the end of course, our Constitution. He makes the ludicrous statement that the Republicans

"are threatening to claim ownership of the Supreme Court and other federal courts, hoping to achieve political results on subjects like abortion, stem cells, the environment and civil rights that they cannot get from the proper political bodies"

and further:

the country will experience "exactly the kind of `tyranny of the majority' that James Madison had in mind,"

Firstly, even someone like myself, who is the layest of the layperson, knows that the reason why the Democrats are creating this unprecedented judicial filibuster is because they themselves are, by employing this spoiled-bratish "I can't get my way so no one can play" tactic, seeking to claim ownership of the Supreme Court and other federal courts!!! The are filibustering these nominess, not on the basis of their records, which are exemplary, but because they do NOT want anyone who doesn't support abortion seated on the Federal Bench! And anyone who agrees with the Democrats is devoting front page news headlines (AP, ABC, NBC, etc.), columns, and countless op eds to trying to paint the Republicans as tyrannical, anti-American people!

This is simply not true. The judicial filibuster, employed by the Senate Democrats, is itself unprecedented and destroys hundreds of years of the Senate tradition of 'advising and consenting' the Presidental court appointees. In fact, this is the right of the sitting president, that he gets to pick the judges of his choice. Rarely, if ever, has anything remotely resembling what is happening now, EVER happened in the Senate. So the Democrats who are employing this filibuster are the ones who are attempting to reduce our judiciary to 'tyranny', if of only the few, tyranny just the same.

Not only that people, but by invoking the 'nuclear' option to break this ridiculous freeze on the President's nominees, it does nothing but that, break the Democratic filibuster babies' hold on highly qualified, overwhelming approved by the American Bar and many of their peers, judicial nominees and allow them to go to the floor of the Senate for an up and down vote, the very thing that the Democrats DO NOT want, because they KNOW these exemplary candidates will get the votes THEY NEED to sit on the Federal Bench! IT DOES NOT AFFECT THE LEGISLATIVE FILIBUSTER AT ALL!! NOT A WHIT.

The media does the nation and its people a grave disservice by printing stories such as the one they did today. Either they themselves are unaware of the facts of the situation, or they are and have the same agenda as the filibustering Democratic Senators. We, the readers of such nonsense do ourselves and our country a grave disservice if we believe what the media puts forth as the truth pertaining to this situation.