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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Judicial Filibuster

Let us try understand very clearly what this whole filibuster on the judicial nominees is really all about. What is has to do with is the Democrats' (the ones who are filibustering) refusal to allow any judge who has a deep-seated belief in God, and the moral absolutes that often accompany such beliefs, to sit on the federal bench.

If anyone has listened to a fraction of the abusive line of questioning these nominees have endured, most notably Judge Janice Rogers Brown-an African American, they would be appalled at the accusatory tone and hostility of the questioning. Never mind that she has been an Associate Justice for the California Supreme Court with an impeccable record, as well as coming very highly recommended by the Bar Association and those who have worked with and alongside her for years. No, this doesn't count because of her personal beliefs. These Senate Democrats are not rejecting her nomination based on anything to do with her record, but rather with her personal views. That is clear bias, that if the shoe were on the other foot, there would be howlings heard all the way around the world, with a great deal of sympatheic media back-up too!

What seems to be forgotten is that this is an unprecedented action taken by the Democrats, who, like spoiled little children that cannot have their way, are not allowing these nominations the up and down vote that would surely grant them the appointments that they were nominated for: an up and down vote given to virtually every presidential court nominee in the history of this country under our Constitution!

Further, the legislative filibuster would not be affected at all by Senator Frist ending this pouting, but dangerous, game that Senator Reid is playing on behalf of big wheel abortion lobbyists who give much $$ and votes to their elections and they hope, re-elections. Indeed all it will do is allow these nominees the vote they deserve. A vote that will give them the seat on the Appeals Court that the President has EVERY RIGHT to appoint them to. A vote they continue to prevent, knowing they are wrong, but constantly and continually acting as if they are right.

These people say shame on the Republicans, but really it is shame on them for the trashing of these fine nominees before the entire country. Which is, of course, a whole other story, being that few actually look at who these candidates are, allowing Senator Reid to do their thinking for them. Think about it: to not allow a qualified candidate sit on the bench because they are opposed to abortion and to only allow those who are for abortion the appointment? Is that not bias of the same ilk as the one Senator Reid and his cohorts are employing? Alas, but we have no media crying out in horror at such intolerance and bias. We would though, if the shoe were on the other foot.