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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

No Remorse

Link: World Magazine AP News - Weekly News, Christian Views.

Thank God that Mr. Schwarzenegger used wisdom in making the decision to deny clemency to an unrepentant coldblooded killer. How ridiculous too, for these celebrities as well as liberal politicians, to try and suck up to the governor whom they can barely hide their disgust for when speaking of him to media.

So Mr. Williams wrote a couple books for children about the dangers of gangs. So what? He himself remains a gang member as he has never denounced his membership/leadership. If I can find among all these articles and quotes from interviews of those supporting sparing Mr. William's life, one comment expressing the horror o what he is in prison on Death Row for in the first place, I would then be able to at least understand why clemency or a commuted to life sentence might be a possibility, though remote. But a man who shows no remorse, who is unaccountable for his crimes, and desires clemency because of who he is, is not to be taken seriously.

You did the right thing Governor. I commend you for it as well as commend you for trying to reign in the frivolous spending going on in your state.