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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

No Remorse

Link: World Magazine AP News - Weekly News, Christian Views.

Thank God that Mr. Schwarzenegger used wisdom in making the decision to deny clemency to an unrepentant coldblooded killer. How ridiculous too, for these celebrities as well as liberal politicians, to try and suck up to the governor whom they can barely hide their disgust for when speaking of him to media.

So Mr. Williams wrote a couple books for children about the dangers of gangs. So what? He himself remains a gang member as he has never denounced his membership/leadership. If I can find among all these articles and quotes from interviews of those supporting sparing Mr. William's life, one comment expressing the horror o what he is in prison on Death Row for in the first place, I would then be able to at least understand why clemency or a commuted to life sentence might be a possibility, though remote. But a man who shows no remorse, who is unaccountable for his crimes, and desires clemency because of who he is, is not to be taken seriously.

You did the right thing Governor. I commend you for it as well as commend you for trying to reign in the frivolous spending going on in your state.


The Iraqi Sacrifice

Link: World Magazine AP News - Weekly News, Christian Views.

This morning I came on line to read the news and was confronted once again with the bad news coming out of Iraq as reported by our media. But I would like to take this opportunity to say that the media may be producing a poll that says whatever they say it says in order to give a negative spin on anything to do with the USA in Iraq, but the truth is that if a poll was taken asking the Iraqi people if they would rather govern themselves as opposed to living in fear of living as they wish, we may have received a different answer. ;-)

Well, the point of this post is to take a moment to remember those Iraqi's who gave their lives so that their country and people will remain free and self-governing. We are not talking about soldiers in a war either, though many police and police trainees have been killed in these cold blooded, murderous attacks on the citizens of these struggling nation, but we are talking women and children as well.

Today our President, for the first time that I have personally been aware of, made mention of this incredible sacrifice the Iraqi people have made for their country. He gave a number of 30,000 lives lost in this war; 30,000!! They have been blown apart, burned, kidnapped, beaten and raped, and terrorized in ways very few American citizens can imagine at all.

I know that there are far more people that support the war in Iraq than the news likes to be reminded of, but there needs to be even more support, because there are so many reasons why we should, the main one being that this people want to be free! We will not be there forever and we are not there in vain and most certainly for now the Iraqi people need us.

It is my prayer that those who have been so critical of our presence there will realize that they are doing a great deal of harm to the moral of the US military as well as the Iraqi people themselves.

Open note to the Iraqi people: Your sacrifice will not go unremembered or appreciated by the freedom loving people of your nation who will come after you, nor by people like me who understand that freedom is not free.

The ACLU. Are They Really For Me and You?


An excerpt from the above article:

"In a Texas classroom, children were told to draw a tracing of their foot, and then put a message on the drawing. One little girl wrote "Jesus Loves Me" on hers. What happened next shows the abysmal state of religious tolerance in America.

As Fox news anchor John Gibson relates in his new book, The War on Christmas, the child's teacher ripped the tracing off the board. "Don't you ever do this again," she said. The little girl burst into tears.

When her outraged father called the school, nervous officials told the child to make another tracing. She did so-but this time, instead of scrawling "Jesus Loves Me," she drew a tiny cross that was so small it was almost invisible."

Poor little kid! Can anyone imagine how scared she must have been? Whatever was the threat to this teacher that she would traumatize a little girl like that? What is she so afraid of that she would abandon her duty to that child and burden that little girl with her own problem with intolerance of the little girl's drawing? How is it that this sort of thing happened in an American school? Were this little girl's civil liberties violated? You bet!! Where is the outcry from those at the ACLU on this child's behalf? No where, that's where! Why? Because the organization that should be about protecting ALL American's civil liberties isn't concerned with the civil liberties of those who happen to profess Christian beliefs.

It's true. Here is list of what the ACLU puts their muscle behind with money given to them be various businesses such as the recent $8.5 million the chairman of Progressive Insurance donated:

First the anti-Christmas agenda:
-Removing nativity scenes from public property
-Banning songs such as Silent Night from schools
-Refusing to allow students to write about the Christian aspect of Christmas in school projects
-Renaming Christmas break Winter break
-Refusing to allow a city sponsored Christmas parade to be called a Christmas parade
-Not allowing a Christmas tree in a public school
-Renaming a Christmas tree displayed on public property a Holiday tree

And their basic all year round agenda:
-Sue states to force them to legalize homosexual marriage
-Force libraries to remove porn filters from their computers
-Sue the Boy Scouts to force them to accept homosexuals as scout leaders
-Help legalize child pornography
-Legalize live sex acts in bars in Oregon
-Protect the North American Man Boy Love Association whose motto is "sex by eight or it is too late"
-Censor student led prayer at graduation
-Remove "under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance
-Remove "In God We Trust" on our currency

Every single one of the above has a case that the ACLU has pursued or is pursuing.

Monday, December 12, 2005

A Timely Quote

Paying the Consequences

First off, it doesn't surprise me that the media gives national front page headline attention to the so-called plight of Crips founder Tookie Williams scheduled execution, though more so the call from big name Hollywood stars using their fame as a platform to try to stay the execution of a cold-blooded killer is even more disturbing.


The media doesn't seem to make any effort to conceal in any way their bias in this case, expending much ink in putting forth all the arguments for sparing this convicted killer's life. They go as far as to even state, when referring to the four murders he was convicted of (and lost appeals on-all the way to the Supreme Court) as 'alleged'. He may have been 'alleged' to have killed these people before and during his trial, but in the end, after all the convictions and loss of appeals, I would venture to say that the appropriate way to state it would be 'sentenced to death for the four murders he committed'.

When the media (barely) mentions the victims, it is shameful in what they fail to say, leaving it to simply four people, three of them at a motel, who were a husband, wife, and their daughter. It seems to me that they could have spared a few words to at least let readers know what was involved in the committing of these murders. Here is a brief description of the events he was convicted of:

"Tookie Williams founded the Crips in 1971, eight years before he and three other men went on a murder-and-robbery spree that netted approximately $250 and left four people dead. The murders were notably gratuitous. Albert Owens – the clerk in Whittier, California – lay prostrate on the floor of a back room as Williams shot him twice in the back. Williams told one of the three men who went along on the job he killed Owens because he didn’t want any witnesses to identify him and “because he was white and he was killing all white people.” He then robbed the Brookhaven Motel, in the process murdering an elderly Chinese couple and their daughter (whom he referred to as “Buddhaheads”). Tookie killed all his victims with a 12-gauge shotgun, which he held inches from their quivering bodies before pulling the trigger to inflict maximum damage."

He is also an obvious racist, or does that only count if you are speaking against his race?

The author of the following article asks if Tookie's time is up. The answer is a resounding Yes!