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In order to combat my annoyance over the unwillingness of media outlets to tell the truth and avoid letting their bias rule, as well as to have an outlet for my very (at times) wordy self, this blog has been created by yours truly. This will be an accounting of events in the world, my country, and my little piece of the world as best as I can see it, hear it, and relay it.

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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Halloween and Christianity

We don't celebrate Halloween. Almost every year of my children's lives we have not. We cannot. It is the only holiday out of all the holidays that the Catholic Church 'Christianized' that is so blatantly tied in with the worship of Satan himself.

People get so offended by a stand such as I have, but why? That is my belief and it should be respected. But it is not. The tolerance card has a darker side which is called intolerance for anything Christian.

Part of the reason why I think people get so put off by my stand is because they take it personal. I don't mean it personal and certainly don't think that the little ones that dress up so cutely are coming to my door for candy and later bowing down to the devil. I open my door if I happen to be home and give them candy. I think they are very cute and some of the costumes are very well made. But I also include a gospel tract in the treat bag as well because as a Christian I am called to tell the Good News. I won't deny the truth within the Word and God's command to me. By no stretch of the imagination does this mean that I don't like little children who trick or treat on Halloween.

It cannot be denied, however, the connection with the spirit world of evil that Halloween is party too and that we make our children unwitting participants of.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Supreme Court Justices and the Judicial Branch of our Government

I am of the opinion that the most important reason that President Bush must be re-elected is for the purposes of the Judicial branch of our government.

Ever since the judicial branch of our government made law by making abortion legal in the Roe vs. Wade case almost thirty two years ago, judges have increasingly been legislating from the bench, a clear violation of the purpose of the judicial system of the United States as put forth by the Constitution of our nation. All one has to do is read some excerpts from Justice Blackmun's released papers to see he agreed; he had no legal basis for such a ruling, but considered himself a social engineer of sorts.

Let no one be fooled, those advocating legalizing all manner of perversion, self-indulgence and intolerance for the unborn and infirm simply cannot do it through legislation because it is thwarted any and every time an attempt is made. What cannot be done through the legislative process is being done through the courts. That is why it so important that President Bush is re-elected and that is why there are those desperate, teeth gnashing desperate, to do all they can to make sure he is not re-elected.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Case In Point

Many people, especially those who plan on voting for John Kerry, dismiss outright claims by those, like myself, regarding media bias.

A few months back a group of VietNam SwiftBoat Veterans got together and formed an organization asking John Kerry to release his war records and come clean about his fraternization with the enemy during the VietNam War. No outcry from the media calling for the same of John Kerry, be it in print or with a mic in front of their faces, though there have been quite a few attempts by the media to discredit these men and their message.

There has been a release of a documentary entitled 'Stolen Honor' that reveals some troubling facts about John Kerry. The major news channels have done their best to ignore the SwiftVets and/or discredit them, but they are unable to continue to completely ignore them with the release of this documentary. So now they have to face the troubling questions 'Stolen Honor' reveals, and how does ABC do it? Does Ted Koppel of Nightline interview any of the veterans that were in swiftboats such as John Kerry's at the time in question? No! Instead, ABC sends their reporters to VietNam to interview people whom ABC was told were some of the Communist guerillas who were involved in the particular incident that 'Stolen Honor' depicts.

What is wrong with talking to the other soldiers ABC? What? Are they liars and John Kerry is the truth teller?

If you didn't have an example of how ABC (and CBS as well) gets away with whatever they want , now you do. Shame on Ted Koppel who wants me to believe that he is an unbiased truth telling news reporter. What he really is is a shameful example of someone on a pedestal so high that he needs a step ladder to get on and off of it in order to go to bed at night.

Shame on we, the consumer, for auto believing such news persons while we nix as liars and biased any Christian publications.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

The Voting Bloc Known as Young People

Young people are being encouraged to register and to vote in this election like never before. The Democrats see this group of people as their somewhat of an ace in the hole. Why? Because young people are so easily impressed upon. Also, our public schools and institutions of higher learning have for so long been guilty of shaping the politics of the young people entrusted to their care (supposedly for academics) while being hostile to any young people who held opinions not politically correct or what those in academia believe the young person's opinions should be. It is sad but true that the young person of faith is more inclined to be influenced by the culture around them rather than being an influence on the culture. Indeed, the young person who does not agree with the politics of their teachers and professors is likely to be subject to hostility and mockery if they make known any differing views. Before you know it, the person of faith is a person of little faith or of faith of no real importance or influence on their opinions or in the shaping of them. To that end you have the MTV influenced young person who is going to be for abortion, homosexual special rights inclined and anti-President Bush, just to name a few hallmarks of their belief system, who will be voting for John Kerry in the upcoming General election. I would venture to say that few of these young people know the issues or what is even at stake in this election, let alone are interested in them if they do know them. For the most part all they know is that they hate President Bush, though they cannot say why they do. They speak his name with obvious hostility (very disrespectful) or with a sneer in their voice. One married young man stated for a camera that he would vote for a single celled-amoeba before he would vote for President Bush. Is he kidding? Isn't a amoeba by definition a single cell organism?

What is really worrisome about those behaviors and opinions of this particular group of young persons is that the bandwagon they have hopped onto is supposedly looking for 'tolerance', 'inclusion', 'anti'hate' and 'anti-war'. In a sentence they are hateful in their intolerance of anyone who disagrees with them to the point of violence in their vehement desire to exclude them.

By contrast, there is another group of young people who are ever mindful that no man is perfect, but that there is a standard to which we are called to live by. These young people research the issues, read various news sources, check their facts, try to understand political doublespeak and are respectful even towards those with whom they disagree.

I continue to ponder on that young person's comment regarding getting a 'corruptive' president out of office in the upcoming election. I cannot help but think in what ways he thinks our President is corrupt. More than likely it is something he read by someone who hates the president, not something he has researched on his own. Even more I think about whether this young person thinks that John Kerry is 'uncorruptive' replacement! Young people who think like that is an even scarier thought than John Kerry being president.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Corporate Big Bucks

Why is it that we read nothing about the big corporate dollars and influence behind John Kerry? Why is it that we have so many people, young ones too, involved in cursing the capitalists such as President Bush and Vice President Cheney and totally ignoring John Kerry's own ties to such dollars, not to mention the same way of life? Where are the newspapers and magazine articles in Time and Newsweek depicting questionable money influence behind John Kerry's support? Is there none. I know, there is none worth speaking about, right?

The billionaire named George Soros who has thrown millions behind the push for John Kerry was a major financial backer to see campaign finance rules change, and when they did he drove a truckload of cash through the loophole in the law to support groups with one aim, to defeat President Bush and elect John Kerry.


John Kerry-The Hope of the Middle Class?

Now I have heard everything! Here we have Senator Kerry presenting himself as the man for the middle class! How can this be? John Kerry who is married to the Heinz (of ketchup fame) heiress, his second marriage to a woman of large financial means? The man who has never worked a day in his life such as the middle class American works every working day of theirs? A man who has been supported by women all of his adult life?

Someone please tell me how he can relate to me.

How Hate Motivates

Whatever would possess a 74 year-old billionaire to donate millions of dollars to an organization (MoveOn.org) designed to defeat President Bush?

Why would a movie actress, who is a staunch women's rights supporter, show up at a rally to defeat President Bush, wear a shirt saying that President Bush's mother should have aborted him?

For what reason would popular musicians such as Bruce Springsteen put on concerts to raise money to defeat President Bush?

The first one, George Soros is a financer with an estimated worth of $7, some of it made while wrecking the economies of other nations, most notably Malaysia and Thailand, and has questionable business practices in other areas (see his conviction by a French court for insider trading). He has compared President Bush to Hitler via a web ad, but what is the comparison? President Bush is an obvious exact opposite of Adolph Hitler. He desires to see President Bush defeated, but can give no valid reason for why, nor can he give any valid reason how John Kerry can be a better president than our President Bush. Unless of course you begin to speak about things immoral.

How about Cybill Shepard? Women and other abortion supporters rarely focus on the humanity of what women abort, yet she shows up at a rally wearing a shirt that clearly identifies President Bush as an actual human being in his mother's womb, who of course, in her opinion, should have been aborted. Why? Does she give a reason why she wants to see President Bush defeated and John Kerry as our president? No, no unless you are talking about the right to abort people that she does not like.

And finally, Bruce, who I cannot believe is throwing his support behind a candidate who cannot get his story straight on where he stands on some of the most important issues this country faces. Bruce, whose influence will be throughout the youth community, as he uses his performing platform to call for change; change he doesn't identify past defeating President Bush and electing John Kerry of course.

What all these people are motivated by is hate, or if some find that word a little to hard to swallow when applied to someone like Bruce Springsteen, then how about disdain? It sounds a little less harsh than 'hate' but by definition, it is actually worse.

Not one of those people are concerned with where John Kerry would lead this country, they are concerned only with defeating President Bush, and for no good reason save their disdain for the man.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Draft Desperation or John Kerry's Desperation to Discredit President Bush

A prime example of the deceptive ways of the media as they seek to discredit President Bush is the draft issue that has come up.

The Associated Press, a news source that I have always respected, chose for a headline earlier this week one equating a vote for President Bush as a vote for the return of the draft; as per John Kerry. By publishing this news article as a top story and linking President Bush with a draft and John Kerry as against one, the AP stirs people up and against voting for President Bush. Never mind that President Bush has spoken specific words saying that his administration has no intention of seeking a return of a draft.

However legislation has been introduced in the House that would lead to discussion of something like a draft, though not by any Republican. Everyone of the sponsors to a man (or woman) has been a Democrat. Matter of fact, it was recenlty voted on in the House and defeated with a vote something like 402-2.

Interestingly enough, one of the sponsors, Charles Rangel (D-NY) issued a statement accusing House Republicans of playing politics by bringing the bill up for a vote. He can say what he will, but it is like the pot calling the kettle black. By bringing the bill up for a vote, it became obvious to me that there was such a bill and that the bill was sponsored by Democrats only.

I will go out on a limb here too, in saying that his bill is worth discussing, for we need to be about protecting our country. Even if we were completely withdrawn from every place we have troops, there are people who hate this country so intensely that we can be sure of more attacks. It seems as though the bill Charles Rangel is sponsoring addressing very real and pressing concerns.

However, for the Associated Press to parrot John Kerry, who is so desperate to try and ensure he will be elected, that he is making comments such as the one the AP printed as a headline, is reprehensible.

First Entry

A New Day.

I have begun this blog almost from a sense of desperation for the times that we are in. I stop short of desperation only because of my firm belief that God is on the throne and is in no ways leaving it anytime soon. 8-)

The main reason for this stepping into new waters for me is this: Regarding the upcoming election, as I read the papers and I hear people talk, I wonder about so very much regarding the things that people say and what the-almost without exception-major media television and newstations say in both voice and print.

Today someone posted on a message board that they wish for the USA to be rid of the corruptive president. And I thought, how is this president corrupt? Before the election of 2000, when the media and the Democratic party tried so hard to find dirt on President Bush, all that they could come up with was a very old drunk driving arrest (and I think conviction) . Here we are again in 2004 and they cannot find anything, but they-the Democratic Party and those who are part of President Bush hating groups-have focused on his National Guard record. They spent countless man hours and American dollars trying to find something that will make the President look bad, but they cannot find anything. So what do they do? They make something up. Dan Rather, shame on him, hating our President so much that he puts forth to the American public lies as truth, has no shame when it is discovered, through blogging, that the documents were forged. I think there were two articles total in the papers about it! This was and is a horrible and terrific scandal, which, if the shoe had been on the other foot, we would still, to this day, be seeing article after article after article pointing out the lies which were uncovered!

I challenge the people with such horrific opinions of our President (who is a man of integrity, by the way) to look to the truth of this: John Kerry's Vietnam record is highly questionable and his testimony to Congress, in which he outright lied about his fellow soldiers causing them great harm in the prison camps of the North Vietnamese, is not even being questioned in any way shape or form. I say to you who make such sweeping statements about corrupt persons to apply that label where it belongs-on John Kerry, CBS, ABC and any and all persons who are resorting to blatant lies to try and ensure John Kerry gets into the White House.

I wonder, does it occur to the young people that John Kerry is a perfect person? It seems that he can do no wrong. Where are newspaper stories or television reporters speaking anything negative from John Kerry's background? Can it be that there is nothing questionable? Nay. the fact of the matter is that John Kerry can count on the media surpressing the truth about his past, his mistakes, and his shameful behavior in VietNam. For they hate President Bush as well.

For those young people who will go to the voting booth and cast a vote for John Kerry, I would say that you should be careful what you vote-or wish-for, because what you fear the most can and will come upon you. You have nothing of the sort to fear from President Bush, for with him, WYSIWYG. He is not motivated by hate, but by love for his coutry and concern for its people as well. John Kerry cannot say the same. Nor can many Hollywood stars, musicians and a couple millionaires desperate to see John Kerry elected just so that President Bush is not. Never mind whether John Kerry is qualified for the job.